Tuesday 23 January 2018

Dundalk man's McGregor song is online hit

Paul Cumiskey, AKA Wick
Paul Cumiskey, AKA Wick

Anne Campbell

The Dundalk man who has written a hip hop tune for his pal, UFC fighter Conor McGregor, is delighted with the response the song is getting on line.

Paul Cumiskey, better known by his nickname, 'Wick', has been a fan of McGregor's for a number of years and has spent time with the fighter in Las Vegas, and has put his song writing skills to good use and penned a tune for the mixed martial artist ahead of his bout with Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas on August 26.

Inspired by his friendship with McGregor, Paul has written a song that he has recorded two versions of. One version is very Irish, with a full band and the second version is hip-hop, McGregor's favourite type of music.

The song is called: 'McGregor's Takeover: You'll Do Nothing' has been specifically written with the Mayweather fight in mind. He had hoped to get the Irish version video shot and up online by now, but he hadn't been happy with it when it was almost finished and went back to the drawing board.

That glitch has allowed the hip hop version to gain traction online, with 10,000 hits clocked up in the first four days and last week topped 42,000 on Facebook with many users liking and sharing it. Paul said: 'I'm really happy that people have been so positive about the song and a lot of the UFC sites are sharing it with their readers in the UK and even America. I'm absolutely blown away with the reaction'. And anyone who has any ideas or suggestions about media contacts for Paul's song can send an email to the address at the end of the video, which is available on Facebook at Wick-Paul Cumiskey and on YouTube.

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