Saturday 17 August 2019

Dundalk jumps up the IBAL litter league listings

Paddy Donnelly, Director of Service, Louth County Council, accepts the scroll from Conor Horgan, Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL)
Paddy Donnelly, Director of Service, Louth County Council, accepts the scroll from Conor Horgan, Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL)
2016 IBAL Anti-Litter League: final results

Olivia Ryan

Dundalk continues to climb up the ranks of the Irish Business Against Litter League (IBAL) securing a 26th place out of forty towns and cities surveyed in 2016.

The town was also deemed 'clean to European norms' by judges who carried out inspections in a number of areas over the last twelve months.

According to the judges report the town has improved significantly on previous years, as there were no heavily littered areas' found.

'Some of the very good sites surveyed included Dundalk Grammar School, Clanbrassil Street and Dundalk Train Station, with the latter registering a noted improvement over a previous survey.'

The reported highlighted the V & W recycle facility as 'nicely adorned with planting and was impeccable throughout.'

Dundalk Grammar School: Grade A. This was an excellent site - not only was it clear of litter but the overall presentation was very good. Grounds were well maintained and clearly it is a well respected environment.'

Dundalk Institute of Technology was awarded a grade B, with 'most of the campus was in good order, but it was badly let down by the very heavy levels of cigarette butts at the entrances to the buildings - it would seem there are not enough units for the disposal of same.'

The judges said it was 'quite unusual to see a 'Green Flag' campus facility have such heavy levels of cigarette butts discarded.'

The much admired Clarke Train Station was awarded a grade A, with a marked improvement at the site.

'The platform was spotless, as was the extensive pedestrian ramp. The station was well maintained and in very good order throughout.'

The V & W Recycling centre was also awarded a grade A, and was described as 'an excellent site with the high grade of previous IBAL litter surveys has been sustained. It is a very welcome feature to have such abundant flower boxes and planting at a recycle amenity - plenty of others around the country could learn from same.'

Clanbrassil Street scored highly with another grade A, with the judges commenting: 'The paving, planting, bins, bollards, seating and street lamps were all in very good order and they certainly contribute to the freshness of the environment.'

The old Newry Road was highlighted as 'a moderately littered route,' with much of the litter being food related e.g. sweet papers, plastic bottles, cans and fast-food wrappers. The Castleblaney Road was also littered with fast-food wrappers, and lower levels of cans, sweet papers, plastic bags and plastic bottles.'

The Mourne View centre which the judges said 'appears to have been a shopping development with petrol station but is now very much abandoned,' also came in for criticism.

'Great care needs to be taken to prevent further deterioration, which can happen so easily with such sites.'

A spokesman for Louth County Council, said the local authority 'are delighted to yet again received accreditation from IBAL that Dundalk is rated as 'Clean to European norms.'

'The result is due to the continued combined efforts of the Tidy Town group of very active volunteers under their chairman Mr. Willie Duffy, together with the efforts of Louth County Council operations staff in particular the litter warden team and contractors engaged to manage the street cleaning programme all of which is supported by the elected members in particular those of the Municipal District of Dundalk.'

He agreed that 'particular areas of Dundalk like many towns across the Country as commented by Irish Business Against Litter are experience a growing challenge in regard to the unauthorised dumping of household waste. Managing this very irresponsible action of a growing minority of residents continues to be a focus of the Litter Warden team in an effort to ensure Dundalk maintains its 'Clean to European Norms' status.

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