Sunday 26 May 2019

Dundalk Dog Rescue shut to new rescues

Dundalk Dog Rescue is closed to new dogs and requests for private surrender of dogs until further notice as of Friday last.

The charity made the announcement over the last few days, saying 'It is very sad to have to post this statement but we are full to capacity at kennels and our foster homes are all full. And with no dogs moving on to rescues any time soon we have no alternative but to shut our doors.'

'In the past two weeks alone, we have taken in 11 owner surrenders from the pound and from owners directly. To say we are tired and frustrated with the excuses for surrender is putting it mildly.

We have heard them all - and it has simply reached breaking point - emotionally, financially and now physically - we have no room for any more.'

'When will people realise - dogs are not commodities like cars and bikes - they cannot just be discarded - they are living, breathing beings who rely on their humans to take care of them all of their lives.'

The charity has warned: 'If you cannot commit to the lifetime of a dog, then do them a favour - don't get one. It is not the dog's fault if your circumstances change - but you need to think of all eventualities before making a decision to take a dog into your home.'

She said they had no choice but to shut the shelter, asking 'Please do not contact us as we cannot help for some weeks - and please do consider the consequences for your pet before surrendering.'

'The reality is, if you surrender your dog into the Pound - if it is not reclaimed or rehomed, then your dog will be put to sleep.'

'We have been doing a simply tireless job over the years to save every dog from the Pound - but the time has come where we simply can't do any more until we get dogs moved out - whether that is to foster homes, rescue places, forever homes.

The supply of dog is outweighing the demand in the world of dog rescue.'

The Argus