Thursday 17 October 2019

Dundalk Council news in brief

Housing shortfall: Concern was voiced by councillors that Louth County Council was failing to meet the targets set under the accelerated housing programme.

Cllr Emma Coffey noted that their had been a shortfall in the number of houses delivered in 2018 with Cllr Anne Campbell agreeing that they were 6% off target. She wanted to know what the target for housing delivery for 2019. She wondered if the numbers which they didn't take up last year would be included in next year's allocation.

Senior Executive Aoife Lawlor said that they hadn't been given any figures for 2019.

New parking meters

Cllr Maeve Yore was told that Louth County Council will be replacing 92 parking meters in Dundalk and 144 parking meters in Drogheda in the coming year.

Rampart River dumping

The section of the Rampart River which runs alongside the Redemptorist Church and the tennis club has become a blackspot for illegal dumping, Cllr Mark Dearey stated.

Senior engineer Mark Johnson agreed that it was a problem area, saying that while it is cleaned regularly, cans and bottles are dumped in it at night. He said that the installation of a CCTV camera was an option and they were looking at a pilot scheme. He also accepted that lighting was a problem but said that there is a moratorium on public street lighting and until that is lifted there was little they could do.

Schools' snag list

Sinn Fein Cllr Tomas Sharkey said he was being put in an embarrassing situation as public representative and principal of Colasite Chu Chulainn as Council staff were not answering emails about 'snags' in the new school, he complained about.

He said that in hindsight it looked as though the keys of the school were thrown at them on the last day before the Christmas holidays and they were just being left to cope with the building as they got it.

Senior Engineer Catherine Duff said it was normal practice to have a 'snagging list'. Cllr Sharkey the problem was they were trying to contact Council staff but no one was answering emails.

Ms Duff said this was the first time she had heard of the issue and that she would talk to him outside of the meeting.

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