Wednesday 26 June 2019

Dundalk continues to clean up its act with 20th spot in IBAL league

Olivia Ryan

DUNDALK continued its climb up the Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) league, with the latest results placing the town at 20th.

The Louth town began a steady recovery in the national rankings last year, after a dismal performance in previous surveys.

Having jumped from 37th to 28th by the end of 2013, the town made ongoing improvements to problem areas, giving it another eight place rise by the middle of this year.

The judges report praised Dundalk for improving on its ranking of last year, adding that it will be 'cleaner than the European norms if progress continues.'

'A couple of the top ranking sites in Dundalk were not just clear of litter but very well presented and maintained, including Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk Grammar School and the Recycle Facility on Newry Road. All three approach roads were also top ranking,' according to the report.

The remainder of the sites were moderately littered.

A number of sites were awarded grade 'A' including the Dublin Road, deemed a 'well kept approach road creating a positive first impression of the town – this high standard was maintained for many of the remaining sites in Dundalk.'

Approach to the North (non-motorway road) was also given a Grade A. The road surface and signage and markings were all found in good conditions with the grass had been neatly cut.

Dundalk Institute of Technology, another grade A was found to be a 'superb site.'

'Not only was the campus clear of litter but the impression was of a very clean environment. This has recently been recognised in the awarding of the Green Flag – well done to all concerned.'

Dundalk Grammar School was also found to be 'an excellent site – not only was there a complete absence of litter it was also very fresh in appearance.'

The V and W recycle facility along Newry Road was awarded a Grade A, 'a drive-in facility – all aspects of the area surveyed were in very good order.'

Grade B sites included Dundalk Railway station, where there was a 'small litter presence in the car park of the train station – the rest of the station was much cleaner.'

Clanbrassil Street was also given a grade B The presentation of this main shopping street was mixed – some aspects were nicely paved and laid out. Other parts had poor footpath and seats at the northern end were not in great shape. Cigarettes and chewing gum were prevalent with lower levels of fast-food wrappers and sweet papers.'

Oriel Park was also awarded a Grade B, with the judges funding: 'The litter in the car park took away from an otherwise good site. Bus parking area had good surface, markings and signage.'

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