Tuesday 23 July 2019

Dormant account funds for Louth

Community organisations in Louth are set to benefit from Dormant Accounts funding after the latest release of funds.

Cllr. John McGahon explained that an additional €6.5 million from the Dormant Accounts Fund is being allocated to support disadvantaged groups across the country. The funding will be used to support Physical Activity Measures for disadvantaged communities across the country.

'Funding is also being provided to support the Big Brother Big Sister youth mentoring programme, Men's Sheds organisations and eight LGBTI Community Organisations nationwide, said Cllr. Mcgahon'

He added that the measures will provide much needed support for economically, educationally and socially disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities. 'In total, over €30 million worth of measures will be supported from the Dormant Accounts Fund in 2019. Activity under the Dormant Accounts fund has increased substantially over the last number of years, from €10 million in 2016, to €16 million in 2017, and up to €28 million in 2018.'

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