Tuesday 23 July 2019

'Don't evict Catherine'


Olivia Ryan

The family of a Dundalk woman who faced eviction from her home yesterday (Monday) say they are appealing the decision by housing body Clúid.

Catherine Kavanagh received notice that she would have to hand over the keys to the property, which had been her home for the last 14 years.

But relatives say that as Catherine has learning difficulties, she should have had an advocate help her in any communication with Clúid about her home.

Geraldine Kavanagh told The Argus: 'We only became aware that there were issues with arrears. Catherine has been under so much stress. She has nowhere to go.'

Relatives had advised Catherine not to leave the property, as an appeal is set to be launched on her behalf. 'We have told Clúid that Catherine should have had an advocate with her in any dealings they had. They should have had least contacted some of her family.

A group of anti-eviction protestors turned up outside the property in Farndreg to voice their opposition to the move.

A spokesman for Cluid told the Argus: In order to protect the privacy of all our residents, Clúid is not in a position to discuss individual cases.

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