Saturday 20 January 2018

Dog Rescue have to send majority of animals abroad for rehoming

DUNDALK DOG Rescue have to send 90% of the dogs which it gets for rehoming abroad as there are not enough people in Ireland willing to provide good homes for the amount of stray and unwanted dogs entering the country's pounds.

Last year, 796 dogs entered the voluntary rescue with all but 67 of them being sent abroad for rehoming.

'We would send 90% approximately of the dogs that enter our rescue abroad to the UK, primarily to the large well known rescues there, with a small amount going to specific breed rescues,' says Ann Moore of Dundalk Dog Rescue.

'Unfortunately there just is not the homes available in Ireland – good homes – to cater for the amount of stray dogs and unwanted dogs entering the pounds.

'Until a compulsory neutering scheme is enforced in Ireland rescues will struggle to cope with the amount of dogs being disposed of by the public and finding rescue spaces in the UK is proving more difficult as the UK faces an increase in the number of their unwanted dogs.

'It is past time when Ireland must find a solution to this massive problem.

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