Sunday 25 February 2018

DkIT turbine drawn into turbulent energy debate

DkIT wind turbine
DkIT wind turbine

Olivia Ryan

DKIT's wind turbine was highlighted by Taoiseach Enda Kenny during the controversial Dail debate on wind energy recently.

The Taoiseach highlighted the Dundalk turbine as a prime example of alternative energy being harnessed to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

'The major turbine at Dundalk Institute of Technology is located in a well-populated area and makes a contribution to reducing the extent of the fossil fuel requirement to meet the energy needs of the complex,' said Mr. Kenny.

At 86 metres in height, the turbine was be the tallest of any structure or building in north east when it first emerged over the Dundalk skyline in 2005.

The fully functioning €1 million structure was Ireland's first urban wind turbine.

A project of DKIT's Centre for Renawble Energy (Credit), it marked the installation of the world's first large commercial wind turbine on a college campus, a Vestas V52 850kW machine.

The turbine was soon providing half of the electricity used on the campus and the college was quickly able to recoup the costs of the structure, thanks to the savings in electricity usage.

Consisting of 60m base and three 26m blades, the large, stand-alone, wind turbine became a symbol of Dundalk's central role in the search for green, renewable energy platforms.

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