Thursday 22 August 2019

Defendant had been on remand in NI

'I strongly recommend she make contact with the probation services,' Judge Gearty advised when Kathleen McDonagh (48) appeared in the district court last week.

The defendant, of 13 Clann Chullain Park, Farndreg, was up on a number of charges, some going back to 2016.

Previously, matters had been adjourned for a probation report, but solicitor Frank McDonnell pointed out before a report could be done on his client she had been placed in custody on remand in Northern Ireland for seven months.

That case was then adjourned and she was back in front of the Dundalk court.

Mr McDonnell continued that Judge Coughlan 'took a view' on the defendant who is '25 years' plus' before the court. The judge thought a probation report might be helpful but it isn't ready.

There were two new charges and the solicitor said he required disclosure on those.

Judge Gearty remarked there were no directions yet on the new sheets.

Sgt Fintan McGroder said since Kathleen McDonagh got out of custody in Northern Ireland there had been allegations of two further thefts.

Mr McDonnell pointed out they were allegations at this stage. Station bail had been granted.

Judge Gearty said she had to put the matter back to 16 October next for Judge Coughlan.

She strongly recommended the defendant make contact with the probation services for the preparation of a report ordered by Judge Coughlan.

There are a number of charges before the court for driving without insurance and non-production of documents, and thefts from shops.

Mrs McDonagh is also accused of damaging a camper van at Fitzpatrick's restaurant, Rockmarshall, on 13 July, 2016, and burglary of the vehicle.

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