Sunday 17 December 2017

Curse does the trick as 'fairy horse' is recovered

WAS it 'a curse' or a guilty conscious which led to the 'fairy' horse belonging to Kevin Woods which was stolen from near his home in Carlingford being found at St Brigid's Shrine?

Kevin, who is Carlingford's 'Leprechaun whisperer', is delighted that the cast iron sculpture has been recovered and plans to re-instate it on the green area where he is creating a folk park overlooking Carlingford Lough.

'It's been taken to the garda station where they are doing forensics on it but as soon as I get it back, I'll put it back,' he says.

'I miss seeing it there and the area looks vacant without it.'

Unfortunately, the green cement mixer which was stolen at the same time hasn't been recovered. 'I'll keep the curse on them until I get it back,' says Kevin.

The Argus

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