Sunday 19 November 2017

Cox's Demesne Youth project's concerns raised

Louth TD Gerry Adams advocated for the services provided by Cox's Demesne Youth and Community Project during a debate in the Dáil.

Speaking in Dail Eireann last week he said that the Affordable Childcare Scheme 'will not work for areas of acute disadvantage'.

'I recently met with the Cox's Demesne Youth and Community Project in my own constituency. They do absolutely fantastic work with children and young people, with a priority focus on young people at risk.'

'Unfortunately, those who work and volunteer with the project have identified major concerns with the Affordable Childcare Scheme and the impact it will have on their ability to continue to offer After School Service provision.

The Cox's Demesne Project was not consulted by the Department regarding the scheme and in their opinion, as it is currently presented, it will result in a detrimental impact on vulnerable children and families. Simply put, it will not work for areas of acute disadvantage.'

He added: 'The Cox's Demesne Project have come together with a group of four other community based projects in Louth who share the same concerns; Lis na nÓg, Hidden Treasures, Muirhevnamor Community Youth Project and Moneymore After School Club.

They have produced a document which I have sent to the Minister and I hope she will have the time to consider it.'

'The major problem is that the Affordable Childcare Scheme will not cover children who currently avail of After Schools Services.

The Minister must recognise the value of these, which are acting as early intervention mechanism, particularly for at risk children.'

'If nothing changes, these services will inevitably close. That cannot be allowed to happen to such valuable services that do such amazing work in areas of disadvantage.'

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