Monday 19 February 2018

Council admits sending old library books for recycling

Margaret Roddy

LOUTH County Council has admitted to sending old library stock for recycling but says that it only sends books which it cannot sell or donate for pulping.

A concerned reader contacted The Argus after noticing a quanity of library books at the V&W Civic Amenity Centre on the Newry Road, asking should these books not be donated to local charity shops or third world charities.

A spokesperson for Louth County Council said that 'with the refurbishment of Drogheda Library we have taken the opportunity to overhaul our stock (some dating back to 1994). Out of date and damaged items of stock have indeed been recycled.'

Louth County Libraries do sell duplicate copies of items both adult and children's that are no longer required in their branch libraries.

'We offer targeted items such as large print books, popular fiction, romances and westerns to local nursing homes or other establishments,' he continued. 'We find local charity shops are inundated with books and are less inclined to take donations from us.'

'We have donated items to the Malawi Project and currently we are donating items to an Irish Centre in London in conjunction with the Oireachtas (Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht.).'

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