Sunday 25 February 2018

Community service centre is set up

March, 1974

The establishment of a Community Service Centre in Dundalk in March, 1974 was considered a historic step by over 40 voluntary bodies in the area to streamline the support that they offered to many in the town.

The Centre was established after the 40 bodies came together under the umbrella of the Dundalk Social Service Council, and it was stressed that the services that would be provided were not confided to the poor or those in need of financial support, but to provide expert guidance and counselling for those facing problems in their lives.

The Centre in Clanbrassil Street would be staffed by social workers and would have a full time director.

In addition to providing information, personal and family problems such as caring for the elderly in their homes, support for unmarried mothers and deserted wives, child care problems and problems with addiction such as alcoholism would be confronted. The people of Dundalk were offered a practical way to support the new service at a church gate collection which was held outside all churches in the town.

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