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Come to Cooley, Joe!


US VICE PRESIDENT Joe Biden could come to the Cooley peninsula in June while he is in Ireland for the G8 summit in Fermanagh. Fine Gael councillor Martin Murnaghan said yesterday the summit, which takes place in June, would 'provide the perfect opportunity for vice president Biden to visit his ancestral home.'

Behind-the-scenes moves are being made to organise a trip for Mr Biden, who has already expressed a keen interest in coming to Ireland to trace his family heritage, just like President Barack Obama did in 2011. And hours after the Democrats won a second term in the White House in November last year, Mr Biden publicly expressed a wish to visit Ireland during his term as vice president.

Mr Biden's Irish roots have been traced by respected genealogist Megan Smolenyak, who first highlighted President Obama's Offaly connections. The vice president is believed to be related to Finnegans and Boyles in the area.

Now, Mr Biden's expected attendance at the G8 summit in Enniskillen could provide the perfect opportunity for the vice president to make a visit to Cooley.

Cllr. Murnaghan believes schedules could be choreographed for the visit to take place.

He said: 'Vice president Biden clearly has ancestry in the peninsula and while I am biased in saying this, he couldn't find a more aesthetically pleasing place to come to with the legends of Cuchulainn and the Brown Bull of Cooley and everything else this wonderful place has to offer.

'From the peninula's perspective, I don't believe there would be a better way to promote this area than a visit from vice president Biden'.

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