Wednesday 17 January 2018

Coat hook was used to hold patient's drip bag



THE HSE has admitted that a coat hook was 'inappropriately' used to hold a patient's drip bag at a ward in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda earlier this month, but have denied allegations that there is a shortage of drip stands or that nails are being hammered into walls to hang up the bags.

A Dundalk woman, who doesn't want to be named because she is receiving ongoing treatment at the hospital, took this picture in a ward at the Lourdes on November 6. The picture shows how a drip bag was hung from a wall hook on the ward.

The woman told the Argus: 'I asked why my drip was being hung from the coat hook and nurses told me that there wasn't enough drip stands. I was also told that sometimes, nails have been hammered into walls in wards because of the shortage'.

The Argus sent the picture to the HSE communications office in County Meath and asked for a response. The HSE claimed there is 'no shortage of drip stands in the hospitals, but admitted this particular incident had happened.

In a statement, the HSE said: 'Stands are available to all wards and if additional stands are required in any ward there is a formal requisition process in place.

' The hospital acknowledges that a drip was inappropriately hung from a wall hook in a particular ward.

' The ward management have been advised that this is unacceptable and have been reminded of the procedures in place for requesting drip stands.

'Hospital management would request that any patient or family member who has concerns with regard to their hospital care to contact the hospital manager directly where their concerns will be addressed confidentially'.

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