Monday 19 August 2019

Cllr Keelan calls for bins along routes used by dog walkers

Cllr Conor Keelan
Cllr Conor Keelan

A suggestion that litter bins be put in place on routes favoured by people walking their dogs was made by Cllr Conor Keelan at the monthly meeting of the Muncipal District of Dundalk.

He said that all the councillors get representations about dog fouling and they had been told the Council is going to phase out the red boxes which people can use to dispose of bagged dog waste in as this can now be put in ordinary bins.

However, he said bins were needed on routes which were popular with dog walkers in town. He called for bins to be erected on the Rock Rd to Kingswood, Hoey's Lane, North Link Road, Navvy Bank, North of Táin Bridge, St Mary's Road/Fair Green, McSwiney St/Demesne and Castletown Rd.

He also suggested that there should be receptacles above bins to encourage good practice by walkers in using bags.

'This would facilitate dog walkers and reduce the amount of dog waste on the streets,' he said.

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