Sunday 18 March 2018

Cllr hits out at toxic sludge dumpers

LOCAL councillor Declan Breathnach has hit out at those responsible for dumping three containers of toxic sludge left over from illegal diesel laundering near the entrance of Stephenstown Pond on Saturday.

'This the fifth such occurrence in as many months at this location,' he said, pointing out that it was 'close to a water course that flows into the river Fane which supplies Dundalk and environs with public drinking water. Shame on those responsible for such activities.'

One of the containers is reported to have been leaking and Louth County Council notified their contractors McQuillan to have the sludge removed.

The council was also notified of a further two cubes of sludge having been dumped at the side of the road at Dungrolley Corner on Tuesday morning. The council's contractors McQuillans were again notified.

The Argus