Friday 20 September 2019

Claims bailiffs took €3000 of good from wrong house


Sean Murray at the shed at his home in Lurgankeel, Kilcurry where he had his goods stored.
Sean Murray at the shed at his home in Lurgankeel, Kilcurry where he had his goods stored.

Olivia RYAN

A DUNDALK plumber was shocked to find his shed cleared out by Revenue appointed bailiffs who had targeted the wrong house. Now, Sean Murray, Lurgankeel, Kilcurry, is battling with the Revenue Commissioners for the return of around € 3,000 in equipment and machinery.

Sean told the Argus how he returned home to find powerwashers, a generator, consaws and drills missing from the garage behind his house.

'They had the wrong address, I couldn't believe it. I got on to them straight away, but there has been no apology, and I still haven't got my stuff back.'

The father-of-four explained how the bailiffs were in fact looking for his brother's house, a completely different address in the Kilcurry area.

'It was apparently all over a few hundred euro, but no matter what issue they had, they had no right to send someone to my house to take equipment from the shed.'

Sean told how he contacted the man appointed by the Revenue to carry out the seizure of property.

'He told me not to be annoying him, that he was sick of getting these calls from people, and that he was only doing his job. I understand that, but the fact is they made the mistake of going to the wrong house and taking my property.'

So incensed was the busy plumber by the incident that he contacted the late broadcaster Gerry Ryan to highlight the programme on his show.

'I was on with Gerry just a few weeks ago, after the stuff was taken. He was really angry with the way I had been treated.'

Since the seizure, Sean says he has been forced to hire out equipment at a cost of around €1,000.

'I don't want to cause any hassle with the Revenue Commissioners. I just want my tools and equipment back.

'I have a family to support, my wife and four daughters, and I'd like to get this sorted out.'

A spokesman for the Revenue Commissioners said they would not comment on individual cases.

'However, when a sheriff seizes goods, an inventory of the goods is left at the premises. Should any of the items seized not belong to the individual who owes the sheriff money the goods will be returned to the owner once proof of title is produced.'