Monday 21 January 2019

Christina makes UCD Start-up Stars with CF project

Christina Kenny (right) and Camille O’Malley at the UCD Start-up Stars
Christina Kenny (right) and Camille O’Malley at the UCD Start-up Stars

Dundalk woman Christina Kenny grew up watching her mother Alison struggle with Cystic Fibrosis for years, before it eventually claimed her life.

The two shared a close bond and wrote about the realities of Alison's illness in their blog 'Dying Of Cystic Fibrosis' and Christina was inspired to study science so that she might one day be able to help make a difference in the lives of those living with Cystic Fibrosis.

'Ireland has the highest rate of Cystic Fibrosis in the world, with 13,000 people living with CF while one in 19 Irish people are carriers,' she says.

Having completed a science degree in UCD, Christina and a colleague, Mayo woman Camille O'Malley, entered the UCD Start-up stars, a four week incubator programme for entrepreneurs with start-up ideas. They made it to the finals with a Cystic Fibrosis medical device which Christina hopes will make life easier for those living with CF.

The 24 year old says that they got 'a very positive response' to their project which would allow CF patients to monitor their condition at home, reducing the need for hospital appointments.

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