Tuesday 15 October 2019

Catherine is saved from eviction as appeal succeeds

Catherine (centre) pictured with supporters as she battled eviction from her home
Catherine (centre) pictured with supporters as she battled eviction from her home

Olivia Ryan

A Dundalk woman has escaped forced eviction from her home after an appeal was successfully mounted on her behalf.

Catherine Kavanagh, Farndreg, had received notice in early January from housing body Cluid that she would have to hand over the keys to the property, which had been her home for the last 14 years.

But relatives and friends helped stop the eviction, as they argued that Catherine's learning difficulties should have seen her appointed an advocate who would have helped her fully understand the process after she had gotten into arrears on her home.

'We told Clúid that Catherine should have had an advocate with her in any dealings they had. They should have had least contacted some of her family,' said a spokeswoman.

A group of local anti-eviction protestors had launched a campaign calling for the Dundalk woman not to be forced to leave her home.

Catherine's family contacted the Argus this week to confirm that an appeal launched with the Residential Tenancies Board had been successful.

'We are delighted to say that the appeal has been successful, Catherine has been appointed an advocate and is now able to stay in her home.'

She added that Catherine was 'really delighted' that the process had come to an end, and she could get back to living her life.

'We just want to thank everyone who helped, and came out to support Catherine. It was very much appreciated.

Housing body Cluid refused to comment on the case.

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