Monday 22 July 2019

Castletown girls get a makeover

Margaret Roddy

The pupils of Castletown Girls School wore their distinctive brown uniforms for the final time last week as the school is rolling out a new uniform in September.

The present uniform was introduced in 1954 and principal Ms Marion McNally explained that after 65 years, it was felt that it was time for a change.

'We have updated the uniform completely, changing the colour from brown to navy,' she said. 'There's a navy jumper with the school crest, which remains the same, a pale blue shirt, and a navy skirt with a green check.'

The new uniform has already received the thumbs up from pupils and parents.

'We asked the pupils for a wish list of things they would like to do and a new uniform was one of their favourites. They are really excited about the change,' continued Ms McNally.

'We also did a survey of parents and 80 per cent were in favour of changing the uniform so it's a popular move all round.'

She explained that the uniform has been designed to allow for growth, with an adjustable waistband on the skirt.

The uniforms are available in the Factory Shop, Yorke Street, and McEvoys, Clanbrassil Street and parents are urged to get it early in the summer so that the suppliers can order in the right amount.

The school tracksuit used for PE and sports remains the same for the time being.

'Everyone is so excited about the new uniform although we do recognise that the brown uniform served us well for so many years and that some people will be sad to see it go.'

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