Wednesday 25 April 2018

Casey-Jayne's nine-year wait for pump is over

Casey-Jayne Kearney with her insulin pump.
Casey-Jayne Kearney with her insulin pump.

Olivia Ryan

A LOUTH teen waited nine years for an insulin pump that has 'changed her life', the Argus has learned.

Casey-Jayne Kearney (13) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just four years old.

'The long wait is over, I no longer have to inject myself with insulin,' said the brave Dunleer teen.

'I have more freedom and don't have to worry about injecting myself in front of other people. I just change my set every two days,' said Casey-Jayne.

A student at St. Vincent's Secondary in Dundalk, she had faced the agony of injections four times a day.

Despite a long running campaign by her parents for her to be fitted with an insulin pump, Casey - Jayne had to wait nine years.

'We have been continually asking for her to be receive an insulin pump, since around the time she was diagnosed. It has taken a long time, she only had it done this January,' said mum Shirley.

The weeks since then have seen the teenager able to lead a much more independent life.

'Before this, Casey-Jayne had regulated eating times, but now she can eat when she wants, and feel confident her diabetes is under control.'

The former camogie player also plans to return to the sport.

Shirley added that she was 'delighted' her daughter received the pump, but highlighted how important it would be for many other children to also be fitted with it.

'At the moment, there are 140 children from Louth attending the paediatric diabetes ward in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda.

'That is not including the children from Monaghan and Cavan who also attend this ward.'

Shirley paid tribute to the nurses who work on the ward, saying they were 'an incredible support, and always at the end of the phone.'

'But unfortunately to cut backs in the healthcare budget, there is only one child a month receiving an insulin pump.'

The Kearney family are hosting a charity ball to raise funds for the paediatric diabetes ward to try sand speed up the process of other children receiving their insulin pumps.

The ball will take place in the Crowne Plaza, Dundalk on April 12th, tickets are €50, with a table of 10 costing €450. For tickets contact Shirley on 087 242 5870.

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