Wednesday 21 March 2018

Burglar caught by homeowner

A LITHUANIAN man who used to live in Dundalk and who came back for a 'short holiday' ended up being restrained by the owner of a house at Belfry Gardens who found he'd broken in, the district court heard last week.

Tadas Lapas, (28), of no fixed abode, was caught by the owner of the house after he broke in through an upstairs window shortly before 6am on December 11.

The homeowner restrained Lapas in the hallway and that's where Gardai found them when they arrived.

They discovered Lapas had broken in through the upstairs window and a jacket belonging to him was found outside with lock picks in the pocket.

The court was told Lapas has no previous convictions.

Solicitor Sean T O'Reilly said his client told him he'd come to Ireland for a short holiday and has 'very little recollection of the period leading up to this matter'.

Mr O'Reilly said Lapas 'hit the drink and other substances very hard and he apologises for what happened'.

The solicitor added Lapas 'wants to deal with this matter as his partner is due to give birth within the next seven days'. She is living in Berlin.

He said Lapas, who is from Lithuania, had been living in Ireland prior to him and his parnter moving to Germany. Lapas came back to Ireland to visit friends.

Lapas has been in custody since December 18 and is serving a sentence, but the court was not told what the offence was.

Judge Flann Brennan said Mr O'Reilly had been given 'a fairly extraordinary set of instructions' and while he 'didn't want to discourage people coming to Dundalk for a short holiday', he hadn't heard of people coming to Dundalk from Lithuania for a short break 'except that he's (Lapas) has lived here before.

Mr O'Reilly said Lapas has little recollection of the break-in, but realises that 'he was in someone else's house and they were gravely traumatised by what happened'.

He added that Lapas intends to go back to Germany as soon as his sentence is served.

Judge Brennan imposed a sentence of one month.

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