Sunday 25 February 2018

Brexit concerns church leader

Archbishop Eamon Martin: Brexit fears
Archbishop Eamon Martin: Brexit fears

Olivia Ryan

Archbishop Eamon Martin has weighed in on the Brexit debate - and raised concerns over any return of a hard border.

As parish priest of Dundalk, his words have echoed across the current crucial debates.

Expressing concern about the threats Britain's vote to leave the European Union poses to cross-border movement in Ireland, he said the country's bishops want guarantees that Brexit will not further divide the island.

'As one Church, we want to have assurances that the possibility to move between the North and the Republic will remain the same as today,'

Reiterating how a hard border would divide dioceses such as his own Archdiocese of Armagh, Dr Martin said the bishops are particularly troubled by how Brexit would be likely to affect communities in the border counties.

'We are genuinely concerned because we do not want what is known as a hard border; an actual border that would heavily impact border communities,' he said.

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