Monday 10 December 2018

Border Communities Against Brexit unveil poster campaign

A Brexit protest at Killeen
A Brexit protest at Killeen

The local lobby group 'Border Communities Against Brexit'.

unveiled their new poster campaign last night (Monday) at six locations across the border to mark the 20th anniversary of the historic Good Friday Agreement.

Speaking ahead of the launch of the new campaign, spokesman Declan Fearon said: 'Border Communities Against Brexit's posters have become an iconic world wide image of Ireland's opposition to Brexit, and our new posters will visually show how we are resolutely determined not to go back to the borders of our past.'

He added: The Good Friday Agreement together with EU membership transformed the border communities in Ireland, and brought peace and prosperity across the island of Ireland.'

The group, which has won awards for its high profile campaign against Brexit, were joined by a large crowd from both sides of the border as they unveiled the poster campaign for the Newry/Dundalk region at Killen Bridge on the cross border Newry Dundalk route (old Dublin Rd).

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