Monday 16 September 2019

'Beyond a joke'- the homes with no water

Tallanstown area residents lose patience after boil notice issued

Water problems in Tallanstown
Water problems in Tallanstown

Margaret Roddy

Residents affected by the Boil Water Notice for those on the Tallanstown Public Water Supply are up in arms as they face into the second week of not being able to drink the water coming from their taps.

Their anger is compounded by the fact that they can no longer buy cheaper 'own brand' bottled water as several brands have been withdrawn from supermarket shelves when it was found to contain levels of arsenic which are above the legal limit.

Acting on advice from the Health Service Executive, Irish Water and Louth County Council issued a Boil Water Notice last Tuesday for those served by the Tallanstown Public Water Scheme.

This resulted in around 2,000 people living in the Tallanstown Village, Louth Village, Knockbridge, Mullacrew, Carnalogue, Mills of Louth, Knockdillon and surrounding areas, having to boil water for drinking, cooking and preparing food.

In a statement issued on their website Louth County Council said: 'The Boil Water Notice has been put in place as a precautionary measure following the results of drinking water quality tests.

Irish Water drinking water compliance and operational experts are working with colleagues in Louth County Council to resolve this situation as soon as possible.'

Residents are frustrated that they have received no updates since then and their upset is worsened as they can no longer buy 'own brand' bottled water in shops.

One woman said that she has an 18 month old baby and is pregnant. 'I'm at my wits end.'

'The boil notice came in place six days ago and it's a living nightmare.'

She revealed that her daughter began vomiting after she gave her a shower, even though she was careful to keep the water away from her face.

'I'm pregnant. I was buying bottled water from the supermarket and now we're being told it was withdrawn due to levels of arsenic which may be dangerous if consumed in large quantities - but that's what we have been doing as it's all the water we have.'

'We can't drink the water from the taps so we've been going through two or three big bottles of water a day but if we were to buy branded water it would cost us €2.50 a bottle.'

She appealed to Louth County Council to step in and provide a tanker to bring water to the area.

'It's shameful the amount of single-use plastic bottles which people are using because of this.'

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