Monday 16 September 2019

Bells ring out in Carlingford

Heritage Week: August 17-25

The beginning of Heritage Week will be marked by the ringing of the bells at Carlingford Heritage Centre at 12pm on Saturday August 17.

The centre is also the venue for the Thomas D'Arcy McGee Summer School, which takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a series of talks and events exploring the theme 'Brexit - Back to the Future.' Politicians, historians and academics from Ireland and Canada will reflect on how Brexit is likely to shape our future.

One of the highlights of the summer school is always the dramatization of a historical event. This year's production is 'The Trial of the Conn O'Neill and the Gaelic Lords of Ulster before the Court of History,' by Anthony Russell. The Newpoint Players from Newry will bring to life Russell's latest political and historical fantasy in which Conn O'Neill, the last Gaelic Lord of east Belfast, is called from the grave to answer the charge that he and his fellow chiefs, including Hugh O'Neill and Rory O'Donnell, betrayed Ulster and her people.

The prosecutor is Thomas D'Arcy McGee, failed Irish rebel, and founding father of Canada. The defence lawyer is John Mitchel, an Irish republican. Sir Arthur Chichester Lord Deputy of Ireland and Ellis O'Neill, Con O'Neill's feisty wife, are called as witnesses.

All are aware of what has happened in Ireland, including Brexit, since they died and comment accordingly. The judge Dionysus Cronos was present at the Trial of Socrates.

The trial takes place in on Tuesday August 20 at 7.30pm. Musicians Gerry O'Connor, fiddle, and Nuala Kennedy, flute, will lead the folk and trad night later that evening.

Historian Dr Éamon Phoenix gives a talk on the political,social and economic context surrounding Partition and the lives of communities living on both sides of the border on Saturday August 24 at 7.30pm

Archaelogist Eoin Halpin will give a talk on the recent discoveries at King John's Castle on Thursday August 22nd at 7,30pm at the pier.

There will be a genealogy clinic in Carlingford Library on Tuesday August 20 at 6pm for those wishing to trace their family trees, while the library is the venue for an exhibition centred on the contributions from local schools to the Schools Folklore Collection.

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