Sunday 20 October 2019

Beef baron plans hotel

Proposed Ravensdale development

Olivia Ryan

Louth beef baron Larry Goodman is planning to build a luxury hotel and golf course in Castlebellingham, and a new housing development at the site of his former meat processing plant in Ravensdale.

The tycoon has even proposed the reopening of the former railway station at Castlebellingham, which ceased operating in 1976.

Goodman, and his son Laurence Jnr, who own the company Parma Developments, have made two separate submissions to Louth County Council's County Development Plan Review 2009-2015 for rezoning of lands.

The first is an ambitious plan for a 950 acre site at Castlebellingham/Kilsaran for 'phased growth to facilitate a plan led expansion as there is a lack of facilities at present'.

The application lists the 'proposed vision' for the lands featuring an integrated tourism and leisure complex including golf course with high quality hotel and tourism based holiday accommodation, a village centre and high quality/low density housing.

Plans for the extensive site also include a logistics/distribution park, a headquarters office complex, parkland and public open space areas, along with the potential to reopen the train station in Castlebellingham, and upgrading of the existing infrastructure facilities.

Meanwhile, Parma Developments have also applied for the rezoning of a 25 acres of land at Doolargy, Ravensdale, the site where Larry Goodman opened his first meat processing plant in the 1960s.

The Ravensdale abattoir, which has been obsolete for many years, reopened for a short time during the 2001 foot and mouth outbreak for the destruction of affected animals on the Cooley Peninsula.

Parma proposes to demolish the existing complex and derelict buildings on the site, and build 'low density/high quality housing in a parkland setting, with local village/shops, community facilities tourism accommodation and new public open spaces including a river side walk'.

A spokesman for Louth County Council said the applications were published in the Manager's Report on submissions made to the Development Plan Review, and were merely for the rezoning of lands.

He added that Parma Development has not as yet lodged a planning application with the council for any of the proposals.