Friday 20 September 2019

Ardent Democrat overjoyed at result

Great to see the election excitement

Margaret Roddy

There was only one subject for discussion when Bonnie Mullen visited her family in San Francisco last month – the American election.

'It was all we talked about,' says the Riverstown resident who chairs the group of Americans living in the area which meets regularly in Fitzpatrick's.

Bonnie, an ardent Democrat, returned home with her Barack Obama badge and bumper sticker and was delighted when the Illinois Senator was declared the winner of last week's American Presidential election.

'I was more than thrilled to learn than Senator Obama won, I'm very very happy about it.'

She said she sat up late watching television coverage of the election but tiredness forced her to retire to bed before the decision was announced.

'I am very proud that our new President-elect is an African-American and I'm just as thrilled that he's a good man.'

Bonnie hasn't had the opportunity to discuss the election results with other members of the group who meet in Fitzpatrick's as she has only recently returned from holidays but says she has had a number of e-mails from other Americans living here, rejoicing in Obama's victory.

As an American citizen living abroad, Bonnie had an absentee vote and cast her vote well in advance of last week's ballot. 'My vote was cast a month ago.'

She enjoyed the opportunity to catch the excitement leading to the election when she visited family in San Francisco last month. 'Excitement was really running high and it was great to get a taste of it. It's all everyone was talking about.'

No doubt it will be the main topic of conversation when the group of Americans living in County Louth meet to celebrate Thanksgiving later this month.

Bonnie is also keeping her fingers crossed that vice-President elect Joe Biden might one day visit the Cooley peninsula where she lives, as his ancestral roots have been traced there.