Monday 22 July 2019

Archbishop Martin thanks people for their contribution

Francis Carroll

Former priests of the parish and parishioners, some of whom were present for the opening blessing 50 years ago, joined Archbishop Eamon Martin at a Mass of thanksgiving on Friday to celebrate the golden anniversary of the Holy Redeemer Church.

The ceremony was the culmination of a Triduum to mark the special occasion, and afterwards a tree was planted in the grounds.

Prior to the Mass there was a recital by the Redeemer Girls School, while the church choir was in fine voice throughout, starting off with the entrance hymn, Hail Redemeer, King Devine.

At the beginning, and with a commentary by Deirdre Kerr, the parish registers and a commemorative book were brought to the altar.

The Baptism Register was taken up by Conor and Anne Marie McGrath along with their son, Cian; while Reuben, a pupil in St. Brigid's School, took up the Register of Confirmed Children.

The Marriage Register was carried by Margaret Shortt. Margaret and her late husband, Frank, were the first couple married in the church.

The late Bertie McCrave was sacristan for many years, and his son James brought forward the Death Register.

Meanwhile, a limited edition commemorative book was compiled by Eamonn O'Boyle and a group from the Parish Pastoral Council, with assistance from Joe Carroll. Eamonn took the book to the altar.

Archbishop Martin noted people were in attendance who were also present at the opening of the church. That occurred on 29 June, 1969 when a blessing was performed by Cardinal Conway.

The archbishop noted 1969 was a significant year. Around the same time the church opened the Apollo 11 mission to the moon took place, and in July Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.

Archbishop Martin said the famous astronaut never forgot the view of planet earth as he stood on the surface of the moon.

The celebrant continued that while 'we made such a mess of this beautiful world' God still loves us. He sent his son, Christ, the Holy Redeemer.

He said the church was perfectly named.

Archbishop Martin thanked the people for their contribution to the parish.

'You have helped make this church the heart of the community.'

The Triduum began the previous Wednesday with a Mass for the people celebrated by Monsignor Jim Carroll.

On Thursday, Canon Peter Murphy was celebrant of a Mass with anointing of the sick.

Following the tree-planting after Friday's Mass, refreshments were served in the Resource Centre.

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