Tuesday 12 December 2017

Amy boxing clever with return to books

Amy Broadhurst
Amy Broadhurst

Anne Campbell

DUNDALK champion boxer Amy Broadhurst showed her steel-like determination on Leaving Cert results day by not opening the all-important envelope until she was at home.

Amy, who is a European gold and silver medallist, sat the exams at Colaiste Ris, and despite heading to the town centre school on Wednesday, the 17-year-old didn't open the sealed envelope until she was safely in the bedroom of her Muirhevnamor home.

The Dealgan club boxer even told her family, including parents Sheila and Tony, to leave her on her own to read her results by herself. Amy laughed: 'I just wanted to open them on my own, but they were the first I told when I found out the results.

'I have to say that I was nervous and thinking a lot about it the night before I went to get the results, and even though the envelope was burning a hole in my bag on my way home, that's where I wanted to be to open them'.

The champ said she was happy with her results, which were the result of two years work at school during which, she admits, her primary focus was on her boxing. She said: 'The past couple of years have been really busy and I don't think it was until sixth year that I began to realise the Leaving Cert was coming up.

'I have to say that boxing was my primary focus.'

With a dream of becoming an English and geography teacher, Amy wants to get the best results and that's why she is going back to repeat sixth year next month. She is currently making her mind up about whether she will return to Colaiste Ris or head to the De La Salle.

She said: 'I would like to be a teacher and I want to get the best results I can so the next few months will be quiet on the boxing front as there are only a couple of contests - the older you get the less competitions there are - and that will give me the time I need to concentrate on my studies'.

But away from the intensive boxing training and the school books, Amy found time to go out with her friends and celebrate her results on Wednesday night, like hundreds of other Dundalk teenagers.

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