Sunday 19 January 2020

Man thanks local heroes

A Dublin construction worker living in Dundalk who fell ill outside the Dunnes Neighbourhood Store, in Muirhevenamor, has reached out to thank two women who came to his assistance

Jeff Jefferson, who lives in nearby Hoey's Lane, says he felt light headed as he left the store and had just walked about 15ft from the door when he 'woke up in the ground with two ladies around me, Gillian and Suzanne.'

He describes them as 'heroes' and reached out on social media to thank them.

'They are a credit to the community,' he says. ' They stayed with me for half an hour till the ambulance got there and went out of their way to make sure I was safe.'

The 30 year old was removed by ambulance to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda. He learned that he had suffered three seizures and is extremely grateful to the two women who went to his aid.

Suzanne, who didn't want her surname published, says she was coming out of Dunnes Stores when she heard another lady call out for someone to phone an ambulance as a man had fallen. As she had her phone in her hand, she dialled 999 but handed the phone to the other woman as she's not familiar with the area.

As she has a medical background, she got Jeff into the recovery position. 'He was breathing, but unresponsive. I checked his pulse. It was weak and hard to feel.'

The other lady was holding his hand while talking with dispatch and Suzanne took off her coat and placed it over him to keep him warm. She asked around for a blanket, and a man gave her one, which she would now like to return.

'We waited with Jeff for 25 minutes for the ambulance to show up which was quick as it had to come from Navan but it shows that more ambulances are needed for Dundalk.'

It was when Suzanne posted on the Dundalk Lost and Found Facebook group looking to return the blanket to its owner, that Jeff commented; 'Thank you so much, goes to show there is still heroes walking around!'

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