Wednesday 25 April 2018

Stephenstown Pond family day

"The Mad Hatter" Teresa Short (Trohs Asereht), "Little Red Riding Hood" (Favour Maggs) "Pinkie the Fairy from the apartment block" (Catherine Kearney) at the Fairy Family Fun Day

Fairy Family Fun Day at Stephenstown Pond saw the arrival of three more 'fairy families' to the village!

The event saw visitors to the fairy village seeing first hand the one of a kind 'King of The Fairies' chair and table, which were specially commissioned and designed with funding received from the LOTTO 2016 funds. Another huge draw for kids is the 'Tooth Fairy Wishing Pot.'

Hundreds of families from all over the County and indeed further afield came to meet the new fairy families who are now making the grounds at Stephenstown Pond their new homes. The new fairy village is straight across from The Dairy Maid coffee shop, and the children can use their imagination to create their own fairy name and have it sprayed onto the amazing fairy wall adjacent to the fairy village, which makes them part of this idyllic award winning community led initiative. Simply complete an application form which is available at the coffee shop. Each name only costs €5 and will remain part of the fairy wall for one year.

Great fun was the order of the day on the annual fun day as children made their way along side 'Roger Rabbit' to 'The Mad Hatters Tea Party'.

Stephenstown Pond is open every day to visitors to stroll round the lakeside waterways, have a family picnic, enjoy lunch or afternoon tea at The Dairy Maid Coffee Shop. Arrange your child's birthday party, christening or other family event in the spacious rooms available and take some spectacular family photographs at Stephenstown Pond and it's environs.

For further details please phone 042-9379019 and ask for Shane, Roddy or Ger.

'Little Red Riding Hood' Favour Maggs, 'The Tooth Fairy' Gina Daly, 'The Mad Hatter' Teresa Short/Trohs Aereht, 'Pinkie the Fairy from the apartment block' Catherine Kearney at the Fairy Family Fun Day at Stephenstown Pond.

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