Tuesday 25 June 2019

Open day in St Gerard's Hall

Margaret Roddy

The contribution of over 200 different people to the day to day running of the St Joseph's Redemptorist Church will be at the heart of its upcoming open day, taking place in the new St Gerard's Community Hall next Sunday, May 19th.

The Church and Parish is well known by now as very community driven with literally hundreds of people volunteering throughout 12 ministries - Campanology, Pastoral Council, Children's Liturgy, Martha Ministers, Youth Ministry, St Gerard's Senior Citizens, Ministers of the Word, Ministers of the Eucharist, Collectors, Altar Servers, Baptism Team and Music Ministry.

The chairperson of the organising committee Catherine Shaw said that the Ministry representatives are keen to celebrate at the open day.

'It's an opportunity to celebrate the new Community Hall and to allow people have a look around at the fantastic facilities that the ministries now have to hand.'

'It's also a ideal occasion to introduce people to ministries they may not have known about, or may have been interested in but that they have just never got round to contacting someone about.

'Each ministry will have a stand and a representative there to let people know about the work they do and how people can get involved.'

The open day is expected to be well attended not just by parishoners, but also by those who may have moved outside the parish or those who over the years have gained an affinity with the community via St Gerard's Novena etc.

The say will also feature a 'Down Memory Lane' exhibition featuring images and memorabilia evoking happy memories, many of which will have wonderful stories attached and set to be retold by Nicky McCourt.

The open day takes place in the new St Gerard's Community Hall to the rear of St Joseph's Church on Sunday, May 19 thfrom 3pm with plenty of children's entertainment and refreshments served.

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