Thursday 18 October 2018

Omeath establishing links with French community

Omeath has a long history of establishing links with other communities, mostly to centres where locals had emigrated to, such as coastal communities like Blackpool in the UK. Now, with Brixit looming and fears that this could impact on the cross-Border relations which the village has enjoyed down the years, the forward looking Omeath District Development Company is forging new links.

These including establishing a working relations with Rochefort Sur Loire in France, as well as Komisa in Croatia.

A delegation from Rochefort Sur Loire travelled to Omeath recently and they agreed to work on a series of project idea at a formal meeting.

Councillor Mark Dearey, a board member of the Omeath District Development Company, who lives in Omeath has welcomed the move.

'We hope to create opportunities for learning for our young people and to strengthen Omeath's connections with European partners and EU funding opportunities.'

Members of the French delegation took the opportunity to cycle along the Greenway between Omeath and Carlingford.

The Argus