Friday 20 April 2018

New mindfulness and well-being classes

Mindfulness and well-being' classes, designed to help people relax, develop better coping skills and tap into their own natural resources, are being held once again in the Dundalk area.

Teacher Mary Richardson explained: 'We can be great at doing physical exercise and watching our diet but we sometimes don't look after our mental health as well as we should. We all have great natural resources, we just don't always know where to find them.'

She added that mindfulness is 'the practice of bringing our mind back to the present moment with a focus on breathing.'

Classes are suitable for adults and teenager, and all classes are very gentle and relaxed and include, breathing exercises, and a short meditation, Tai-Chi and relaxation, all short exercises that can fit into any busy day.

'The world has become very stressful and busy and there is a lot of pressure on our time so more than ever we need to make a space in our day for peace, stillness and mindfulness. I can teach you a two minute exercise that can help to cope with children throwing a temper tantrum or being late for an appointment while stuck in traffic!'

Classes are running from Thursday April 27th to June 1st inclusive in the Legion of Mary Hall in Blackrock from 6-7pm and 7.15-8.15pm. Cost is €10 per class or pay an early bird rate of €50 on the first night for the six weeks. For further details, contact Mary Richardson on 087-9296688

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