Sunday 18 March 2018

Looking for shoe factory workers

Local man Gerry Curran has a mission and that is to set up a data base of all those who worked in Dundalk's famed shoe factories.

Gerry has already accumulated the names of over 1,500 former employees but believes there were many more who worked in the shoe industries.

'At one point in the 'sixties there were over 1,000 people working in the factories here so there must have been many more from before that,' who went to work in Clarks when he was sixteen.

He is particularly anxious to get names of those who worked in Hallidays in the early years in the late 1920s.

'It seems that Clarks have no records of who worked in the factory and neither does the union,' he says.

He is searching for information on those who worked in the shoe factories to set up a data base of names which hopefully will form part of an exhibition in the future.

'We had a small exhibition at the Reunion and are hoping to build on that,' he says. 'There is a lot of material accumulated already and we are trying to build on that as we want to stage another exhibition.'

He said he is getting a lot of help from people like Joe Martin but getting information on those who worked in the shoe factories in the early years is proving particularly difficult.

Gerry can be contacted at or ph 042 9337897, or check out the Old Clarks Factory Memories page on Facebook.

Irish Independent