Saturday 16 December 2017

Locals reach Russian summit

Olivia Ryan

A SPECTACULAR view from the summit of Mount Elbrus awaited Louth County Council's adventurous duo Eugene McManus and Pamela Dagg when they took a ten day hill walking trip to Russia last month.

The council officials successfully reached the top of the 5,640 metre mountain after a five day climb.

Pamela and Eugene are both active members of the council's hill walking club 'Crows' and walk regularly with colleagues in the local Cooley and Mourne mountains, as well as climbing in Wales, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland and France.

Eugene said the trip was a great success, with both walkers reaching the summit of Elbrus, 5,642m, at 11.15 am on Tuesday, July 1st.

'Elbrus is the highest mountain in continental Europe and is located in the Caucasus mountains in Russia between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, explained Eugene.

'It is one of the seven summits, the highest mountain on each of the seven continents and as such is a mecca for hillwalkers and mountaineers.'

'We were in the Elbrus region for 11 days and after a number of acclimatisation walks we commenced climbing Elbrus from the village of Azau, 2,000m, on the 27th June.

'Five days later we summitted with our group which included two Irish, one English and 14 Norwegians.

Fortunately the weather on summit day was perfect, it was like a cold winters day in the Mournes, the previous week the temperature at the top was minus 23 degrees centigrade!'

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