Wednesday 13 December 2017

Internet safety talk very informative

An expert on internet safety spoke with local pupils as well as parents on the topic as well as cyber bullying.

The School Parents Committee of Saint Fursey's School in conjunction with School Principal Marie Doonan arranged a talk for parents, and also invited fellow parents from the parish's two other national schools, Saint Oliver Plunkett and Saint Francis's to attend.

It was held last week in the school, prior to which, speaker Dr Maureen Griffin, conducted a workshop in the afternoon with the senior pupils from third to sixth class.

Dr Griffin, a forensic psychologist, is an authority on the matter and has visited well over 100 schools across Ireland speaking to students, staff and parents regarding issues around social media and internet and mobile phone safety.

She is able to guide parents to navigate unfamiliar areas and provide practical advice and tips for dealing with misuse of technology. She has her own website: dealing with the issues.

She is very much in demand with her expertise which was borne out by the fact that the school had to wait quite a while to obtain her services. Parents had raised the issue more than 12 months ago. 'She is that popular we had to wait 12 months for her to visit the school. The talk was really informative, interesting and eye opening', told a representative of the Parents Committee.

The one slight reservation was that not as many attended as the committee might have wished for or liked.

The pupils also were abuzz with the presentation she made to them. 'They all came home talking about it', said the Parents Committee representative.

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