Wednesday 18 September 2019

Impressive new road into the village has to be welcomed

Blackrock Bulletin

How swell. It feels like a new set of clothes only it's a new stretch of carriageway that is so smooth and the surface gleaming and without a blemish, apart from the inevitable it seems tyre marks that the doughnut drivers insist on making in trying it out after it was just completed .

It is such a comfort travelling over the newly laid stretch of roadway from the entrance to Felda to the junction of the old Dublin Road.

Also there is a much needed new footpath on the Felda side of the road, with a landscape inset at the entrance to the Centre that makes life safer for pedestrians.

The completion of the upgrade works provides a startling uplift in appearance on this so badly neglected piece of roadway for far too long.

The biggest difference is eliminating the bone shaking experience of travelling over what was a bump riddled uneven stretch that posed a real risk of danger to motorists and pedestrians alike.

One could be churlish and ask again why it has taken so long for the road to be properly surfaced which is incomprehensible.

Also point out that it is now showing up the rest of the road.

But it is best to be grateful for what is a great if overdue improvement on an extremely busy link road into and out of the village.

Summer Carnival

It's not a landmark in the year that especially when older that you look forward to but the Traditional Fifteenth festival is something to enjoy and help dispel the gloom of the darker days and weather ahead.

It brings the Summer Carnival to the village again. The carnival will run from Thursday, August 15 to the following Sunday. This is the tenth year that the Carnival owned by local man Killian Allen has been staged in the village.

The programme will include a fun fair, music, fancy dress competitions, dog show, discount night and a special needs and sensory day.

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