Thursday 14 December 2017

Huge party marks Marie's 80th

OUR NEXT port of call on Friday night was to the Lilywhite Lounge where a rather special 80th birthday party was taking place for Marie Coburn from St Marys Road and there to make sure she had a really delightful night were daughters Bernadette, Cyprienne, Pat, James and Niall, grandkids Adam, Karen, Emma, Sarah, Sophie and Emily and a huge collection of family and friends.

I was only in the door when I met up with Pat's wife Kate Coburn from Oaklawns, who told me Cyprienne was home from America specially for the party and wanted a big shout out for husband Jimmy, who was still over in the US. She told me that James was there with Gina from Seafield Lawns, and Niall was with Theresa from Oaklawns.

I then decided to have a look round to see who was there and met up with nephew Paul Cheshire from Avenue Road, who was with his wife Rosalynn. He was enjoying the craic on the night with his dad and Marie's brother Paddy Cheshire from Point Road with his wife Monica and the birthday girl's sister Rosemary and Kevin Conroy who had come over from Reading specially for the party.

Not too long later I got talking to Michael Duffy from Carrick Road, who was there with Marie's granddaughter Karen Coburn also from Carrick Road and grandson Adam Coburn from Oaklawns, who wanted to wish their granny a very happy 80th.

I then got a word with a man who certainly wasn't going to be getting his snap taken and I was lucky enough to get his name. It was Thomas Duffy from O'Hanlon Park, who was with his delightful wife Catriona. She was in great form and told me their son Michael was with Karen and they both wanted to wish Marie a very happy birthday.

Next I headed for a table where some of Marie's friends from The Birches were sitting. There I got talking to Eleanor Keenan from Oakland Park, Margaret McGrath from Stabannon, Ann Ambler from St Nicholas Avenue, Olive Joyce and David Lee from Mountain View who wanted to wish Marie all the best on her birthday.

At an adjacent able I got talking to Maeve Montgomery from Blackrock, who was with Ladi Yusuf from Mullaharlin Park, Catherine Isede from Clontigora Court and Ann Conway from Barrack Close, who I'd met at Lyndsey Keenan's fancy dress in Soraghan's a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't recognise them on the night because their fancy dress was that good the last time I suppose. They all wanted to wish the birthday girl a very happy 80th.

Not too far away I caught up with Jim and Bernadette Conroy from The Meadows, who were up for making the best of Marie's party and wanted to wish her a very happy birthday.

I then headed over for a quick word with Paddy Brady, who was home from Germany and was there with the Murphy family. They are neighbours of Marie in St Mary's Road. Paddy was enjoying the craic with Niamh and Paul Heaney from Lower Point Road, Josephine and Gerry Maguire from Market Street, Maurice and Fiona Murphy from The Laurels, Liam and Rosetta White from Bay Estate and Tim Murphy from The Crescent. Paddy was there with John Murphy from Faughart Terrace and word had it that John had a couple of tickets for the Ireland rugby match the following day that Paddy was more than delighted to take off his hands!

Meanwhile up near the bar I got a quick word with Michael and Jean Nash from Bay Estate, who were having a chat with Jean's cousin Pat. They were really enjoying the craic at Marie's party.

Not too long later I caught up with Seamus Tiernan from Old Muirhevna, who told me he is a family friend and was best mates with Marie's late husband Brendan, who he described was ' one of the best handball players this country ever saw'.

I then got a word with two women who were definitely looking hot and they were Marie's daughter Bernadette Breen from St Mary's Road and daughter-in-law Gina Coburn from Seafield Lawns, who was with husband James and kids Emma and Sarah as well as their friends Shauna McGuinness from Blackrock and Edel Fahy from Mount Avenue.

Next I ventured over for a chat with sister-inlaw Mary Cheshire from Muirhevna, who was with daughters Mary Jr and Siobhan Cheshire from Oaklawns and her kids Adam and Ellen Murtagh also from Oaklawns, who all wanted to wish Marie a very happy birthday and told me it was a fantastic night.

Finally, before I departed I got talking to Eddie and Noeleen McArdle from Carrickedmond, who are family friends. They told me the food was just lovely and wanted to wish Marie a very happy birthday.

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