Monday 20 November 2017

Eco-warriors unite to tackle 'serious' household rubbish dumped at Forest

Philomena Poole, county manager. Photo: Ken Finegan
Philomena Poole, county manager. Photo: Ken Finegan

THE 'eco-warriors' from the Louth Environmental group tackled the household rubbish fly-tipping at Clark's Forest with a major clean up recently.

Cllr. Oliver Morgan, who has been calling for the site to be cleaned up described it as 'a serious health and safety issue' which he had raised with the council.

'Unfortunately, due to cutbacks, lack of resources and shortage of staff, the council have been unable to deal with this long standing dumping problem, so I was obliged to ask a local environmental group to organise a clean-up, in conjunction with our council, which provided plastic bags, protective gloves and 'litter-lifters.'

'Eco-warriors" of the Louth Environmental Group last week descended on the site, and within a short space of time had the waste bagged and ready to load up to be transported to the County Council`s landfill facility at Whiteriver for safe environmentally -compliant disposal.

'I am convinced that, in these times of extremely scarce resources we are going to have to rely much more on our own ingenuity and on our public-spirited volunteers to secure our necessities in terms of public infrastructure and services,' said Cllr. Morgan.

'I intend to continue to encourage and support all forms of community volunteering which is becoming more and more important to our people in providing services which our establishment, both local and national seems, increasingly, to be unable to provide.'

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