Monday 19 March 2018

Council faces €500k bill

Louth County Council has been landed an unexpected bill after the Supreme Court ruled that they must pay €500,000 which they hadn't budgeted for.

Councillors heard at their monthly meeting on Monday that the Supreme Court had ruled in favour of Celtic Roads and the local authority, which had been joined in the action against the Valuations Office, must now pay €500,000.

Head of Finance Bernadette Woods said that she had only learned of the decision and had just spoken briefly to the council's legal team.

The case had been ongoing since 2005 and had been waiting for a Supreme Court decision since 2008, said Ms. Woods, adding that the High Court decision had been favourable to the council but had been appealed by the Celtic Roads group.

'We were assured all along that we had a solid case,' she said, adding that the case had concerned the valuation of roads, and in particular what Celtic Roads had paid to the National Roads Authority.

She told Cllr Sharkey that as a notice party, the council had to go along with the proceedings and had been waiting a decision since 2008.

When legal costs are factored in, the bill could be as much as €700,000.

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