Sunday 21 July 2019

Council call for cutting

Louth County Council have appealed to homeowners, businesses and landowners to cut or remove trees and hedges which could be causing an obstruction or indeed blocking the view for motorists or other road users.

After extensive growth over the spring and summer months, hedging, bushes and trees will need to be cut as the winter months approach.

The local authority have issued a statement this week, reminding all landowners and/or occupiers that not only is necessary to address overgrowth issues, but it is also a legal obligation.

Roadside trees and hedge cutting is covered under the Roads ACT 1993 (Section 70)

In a statement Louth County issued the following reminder: 'The above Act obliges landowners/occupiers to remove dangerous trees on their land. All landowners and occupiers are reminded that hedge cutting and trimming should be carried out on hedges adjacent to public roads.'

'In particular the topping and facing of all roadside hedges and trees is the responsibility of the landowners and occupier.'

'These works are to be carried out between the 1st September and 28th February each year so as to comply with the Wildlife Acts of 1976 and 2000. Failure to comply with these obligations is an offence liable to prosecution.'

For further information, please contact Louth County Council Operation Section on 1890 202 303

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