Tuesday 21 May 2019

Bush secondary school is leading the way

A transition year class group from Bush Post Primary School, have been short-listed for the upcoming Young Social Innovators of the Year Awards 2019.

They are one of thirty-one teams from across the country who have been short-listed to compete for the title of Young Social Innovators of the Year 2019 at a national final on May 15th in Croke Park. Each team is challenged to identify a social issue in their lives and come up with an innovative way of tackling that particular issue. The team from Bush Post Primary School have been very successful to date, having been short listed from over 370 initial entries with their project titled, 'Let's Talk about consent.'

The group are launching a podcast and an animated video tomorrow (Wednesday) which is encouraging people to engage in an open dialogue about sexual consent. The students want to educate young people on the facts about consent and why it is important, and doing so using a suitable analogy, accessible to a younger age group making the issue of consent understandable and relatable. The students were concerned about the level of misinformation around the issue of consent and they worked with the Rape Crisis Centre to ensure that their message was accurate and appropriate prior to producing the podcast. 'Let's Talk about consent' is available via on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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