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Boil water notice finally lifted for most Tallanstown homes

The Boil Water notice which has dogged the village of Tallanstown since last year has finally been lifted for the majority of homes in the area.

Irish Water confirmed this is with the exception of 16 properties located on Glyde Road, between the junction of Glyde road and Tallanstown village to just beyond Rathbrist cottages.

A spokesman said: 'It has been possible to lift the Boil Water Notice for the majority of customers following the success of ice-pigging carried out earlier this month. Irish Water's drinking water and operational experts worked with Louth County Council on this issue to lift the notice as quickly and as safely as possible.'

'Irish Water, in partnership with Louth County Council carried out works at the plant and on the network which has made it possible for the Boil Water Notice to be lifted for almost all impacted customers.'

Following extensive monitoring of the plant and network Irish Water can confirm that adequate chlorine levels are being maintained consistently at all locations with the exception of a specific section of the network located on Glyde road. It is necessary that chlorine is present in adequate levels in drinking water to ensure that the water remains disinfected until it gets to the taps in people's homes and businesses.'

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