Tuesday 20 March 2018

Blessing of the Graves on Sunday

The annual 'Blessing of the Graves' ceremony at Dowdallshill is expected to attract huge crowds on Sunday next, July 16th, at 3pm.

The traditional gathering of families at their loved ones graves will be slightly different this year with 'Prayer of Healing for Your Family' being the central theme.

The focus will be on families of those buried in the ceremony, and will be a precursor to the major World Meeting of Families being held in Ireland for the first time next August.

Pope Francis will attend the global event which is being held in Dublin.

The Dowdallshill ceremony this year will be broadcast live on Dundalk FM, enabling those who are unable to attend to listen in or catch up at a later date with the podcast which will be available online.

Those who are attending are also welcome to bring headphones to listen to the broadcast on their smartphones etc while the ceremony is being held.

With such large crowds attending every year, early arrival is advised as usual, especially for those who will need to park close to the cemetery.

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