Wednesday 20 March 2019

VAT increase to punish healthy consumers

Bitter pill: supplements set for price hike
Bitter pill: supplements set for price hike

Clair Whitty - Naturally Healthy

The government would like to penalise you for taking health food supplements by adding VAT of 23% on all food supplements. Yes, you heard me, on all food supplements, I can't believe it, it is crazy. If this is passed you'll pay this hefty tax from February 2019.

The healthcare system is in dire straits. The hospitals and the doctor's surgery are full to capacity so surely anything that could alleviate the pressure should be embraced. They are the last place that many of you want to go. It is exactly what you're trying to prevent by taking food supplements.

By choosing to take care of your own health, by choosing to pay for the supplements yourself you are possibly taking a big pressure off the healthcare system. You're choosing to take Vitamin C for your cold, Fish Oils for your joints, and maybe B vitamins for stress. That's your choice, your choice to try to stay away from the doctor as long as you can. And now the government wants to penalise you for doing that. Where is the sense in that?

Several companies have been fighting this tax behind the scenes for the past couple of years on our behalf, but now they need our help. They need us, the real people, to tell the government how we feel, to tell them why we choose to take supplements and to ask them not to put this tax on our natural healthcare system.

Some of you have tried the medical route and have had no success and are looking for answers to their health problems through other means. Other people want to work hand in hand with the medical profession using medicine when needed and supplements to support and enhance their health.

If this tax is passed you will pay an extra €2.30 on €10.00 and €4.60 on €20.00. That is a lot of money per month extra that you will have to pay.

Let the government know that you are not happy. To sign the petition all you have to do is go to, or call into your local health store. Don't delay, do it as soon as you can. Let your voice be heard.

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