Sunday 25 February 2018

Tagging of sex offenders is welcome


IT'S EXPECTED that the Minister for Justice Alan Shatter will move to introduce legislation to have convicted sex offenders electronically tagged upon their release from prison. think this is the most sensible of moves and welcome it wholeheartedly. It would certainly make it easier for Gardaí to keep tabs on these offenders who more often than not are still a real risk to society.

A spell in prison won't 'cure' a person who has carried out obscene sexual crimes and regardless of the fact that they have served their time the safety of the public cannot be taken lightly.

Electronic tagging would allow them to reintegrate into society while serving as a real deterrent when it comes to reoffending.

An online survey I looked at shocked me however when 51 per cent of participants said they are not in favour of having these people tagged.

They were, however in favour of having them monitored in some manner but how is unclear.

How exactly are the authorities supposed to be able to keep track of each and every released sex offender as the numbers increase with every passing year? There would be little manpower left for anything else.

Tagging would allow those serious about reforming themselves to do so and as long as they keep out of trouble it shouldn't matter. It would be a small price to pay for freedom again, a luxury their victims are denied once a violated by sexual assault.

At present our prisons are bursting at the seams and we regularly learn of criminals being released ahead of schedule due to overcrowding.

Tagging makes perfect sense in these circumstances so that those convicted of such serious crimes are not given a free pass back into the world.

There are those who will bleat about the injustice of such a system where a person has served their time but the do-gooders can't deny the fact that the thoughts of living close to a known offender would strike fear into the most level headed of people.

Figures released from the CSO outlined that 18 registered sex offenders breached their release conditions by failing to tell Gardaí their addresses so if that doesn't reinforce the need for tagging then what does?

When a person carries out such a crime their forfeit the right to be trusted as they once were. They prove themselves to be a danger to others and society must do everything in its power to reduce this danger.

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